April 22nd, 2022 – The Launch of the Richmond Community Protocol

On April 22nd, 2022, RMCS, The CCT, and Richmond Resilience BC launched the Richmond Community Protocol. The event was held at Kwantlen College in Richmond and attended by community members that have been impacted by racism, local faith groups and community partners, and elected officials from all three levels of Government, including Mayor of Richmond Malcolm Brodie. The Protocol was launched and community members and all attendees were also invited to share personal stories of experiences racism and its impact on them and their families.

Mayor of Richmond Malcolm Brodie gives greetings from City Hall

The Richmond Community Protocol is designed to help organizations, community members and all relevant stakeholders react promptly and effectively whenever critical incidents of racism, hate crime or related incidents occur. This protocol is designed to guide both how stakeholders work with each other to coordinate organizational approaches to dealing with racism and hate crime, and also, how individual organizations and community members support victims of racism and hate crime in day-to-day situations.

RMCS ED Parm Grewal MCs the event

Safe and healthy communities are a concern for all community members, including service providers and governments. This protocol acts as a mechanism for the quick assessment and responsive action towards incidents of hate crime and/or hate-motivated incidents.
Just as communities have mechanisms in place to respond to disasters, traumas, and crisis situations, this protocol intends to give both organizations and community members the tools to be prepared in the event of a critical hate-motivated incident. The protocol acts as a mechanism for the quick assessment and responsive action towards critical incidents of racism and hate-motivated incidents. This protocol outlines procedures to respond to incidents of hate crime or activity stemming from prejudice, stereotypes, and xenophobia. It provides a step-by-step, easy-to-use guide designed to help community members and stakeholders react promptly and effectively whenever discrimination or a hate-motivated incident occurs. The protocol also offers referrals to relevant resources and a list of key terms and their definitions. 

Community member Vanessa Yu talks on video about being the victim of racism in Richmond

To find out more about the Richmond Community Profile and how you may be able to implement it or use it to assist victims of racism, contact Alan Hill – RMCS Inclusive Communities Program Coordinator – 604-279-7160 or