Action Plan

Click here for the Full Richmond Immigrant Settlement Strategy and Implementation Plan


With the majority of Richmond residents not born in Canada — almost 58% — it is vital to understand the major factors in building a city where newcomers decide to settle and stay and supporting them in that process. Richmond’s CCT was formed recognizing that in order to create welcoming and inclusive spaces and ensure successful settlement, both newcomers and the community have a shared responsibility.

The CCT engages community partners to participate in long-term planning to create inclusive environments, both for the community of Richmond and for individual businesses, service organizations and institutions. The CCT believes in the capacity and ability of the community to influence and implement change through how both policy and programming are crafted and developed to support newcomers.

This strategy outlines four main priority areas: Employment, Settlement Services, Community Experience, and Daily Living. These main priority areas emerged out of a robust research process to understand newcomer needs as to craft a meaningful community response.

Click here for the Richmond Immigrant Settlement Strategy and Implementation Plan