Anti-Racism / Resilience BC

RMCS Anti-Racism Forums – October 2021- February 2022

This project, which ran from October 2021 until February 2022, focused on the sharing of common experiences among the Asian community (all parts of Asia) and other BIPOC communities of racism and discrimination in the Richmond context.

For more details and direct quotes from participants see the final report here…

2021-22 Anti-Racism Forums Final Report

Stories were catalogued and shared to expose the reality of racism in Richmond. The focus of the project was connecting people and building community capacity to understand how racism, discrimination, and intolerance impact people and damage individual lives and community.  Nearly 200 individuals were spoken to and shared their experiences of racism in Richmond and came up with key recommendations to make Richmond a  more inclusive community that can tackles racism. These recommendations were that …

  • RCMP to have responses to racism in their strategic planning, have a more organized and thoughtful approach to dealing with racist incidents.
  • RCMP to be better trained, and more culturally aware. 
  • Build more public education and awareness, and increase learning and understanding of Indigenous culture and history.
  • Widespread bystander training is being offered in the community.
  • Cultural awareness training for SD38 teachers and administrators.  
  • A counselling and support service in Richmond, where individuals who are victims of racism can get help.
  • City government creating more awareness, exposing the reality of racism in Richmond, and training their staff in responding to racism incidents, and how to provide support for victims of racism. 
  • City of Richmond adopting an anti-racism strategy for the City.
  • City of Richmond adopting the Richmond Community (anti-racism) Protocol
  • City of Richmond endorsing the collection of data on the number and type of hate-related incidents that happen annually in Richmond. 
  • The training and support of specific advocates in each community that can be anti-racist champions 
  • Interfaith events are aimed at people meeting and sharing information on faith activities.
  • A forum with the RCMP to make them more aware of racism-related issues in Asian communities.
  • More regular public dialogues, with food and conversations, to build trust and understanding.

For more details or to discuss ways that we can assist you with tackling racism in your community contact Alan Hill at 604- 279-7160 or  

 Resilience BC- An Anti –Racism Network for Richmond  

 The Resilience BC Network is a group of individuals and organizations in Richmond that connects communities with resources, supports and training they need to respond to, and prevent future incidents of, racism and hate.

Richmond Multicultural Community Services is the community agency that holds the contracts to lead and administer both the Richmond Community Collaboration Table (CCT) and Resilience BC (formally Richmond Organizing Against Racism and Hate (OARH) Coalition.

If you have experienced racism, want to know more about racism in your community and/or are looking for support please contact: Alan Hill, Inclusive Communities Program Coordinator, Richmond Multicultural Community Services

P: 604.279.7160 Email:

To find out more about general anti-racism supports and resources across British Columbia, please click here to visit the Resilience BC – End Racism and Hate website.