The Richmond’s Community Collaboration Table  (Local Immigration Partnership) created a Research Report, Asset maps, and Settlement Strategy and Action Plan that can all be viewed below.

These documents will provide you our main research findings to articulate newcomers’ experiences and need, covering:

  • How Richmond Service organizations respond and share their concern for newcomer needs.
  • The identification of challenges and  opportunities exist to collaborate on the integration of initiatives with multiple stakeholders
  • Proposal on potential actions and points of reflection for the next steps in strategy development

We are more than happy to present our detailed research findings to our community partners and local business in Richmond and Metro Vancouver.

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Research Report

Research Report Summary- Between January 2015 and June 2016, Richmond Multicultural Com­munity Services (RMCS), the CCT Secretariat, and conducted and commissioned mixed-methods research. The underlying goal was to understand the individual and organizational experiences of the Richmond community with respect to immigrant integration issues and service delivery. This research aims to directly inform the development … Continue reading Research Report

Action Plan

Click here for the Full Richmond Immigrant Settlement Strategy and Implementation Plan RICHMOND COMMUNITY COLLABORATION TABLE – STRATEGY SUMMARY With the majority of Richmond residents not born in Canada — almost 58% — it is vital to understand the major factors in building a city where newcomers decide to settle and stay and supporting them … Continue reading Action Plan

Service Mapping

The Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) conducted additional research on behalf of the Richmond CCT by administering a Service Provider Survey and creating and analyzing the following Service Maps. The purpose of this project is to understand the social infrastructure that is in place for immigrants and refugees living in Richmond and … Continue reading Service Mapping

Crowd Sourced Community Asset Map

This is a community sourced asset map based on the results from summer events that RMCS attended in 2015. Many families thought critically and participated together. This map is not representative of all programs and services in Richmond, but rather what was identified by the community. The CCT is in the process of researching an asset … Continue reading Crowd Sourced Community Asset Map